TC1 Staff

Meet Tom, our founder and co-owner here at TC1. He's a UEFA B licensed coach and has a rich background as a professional football along with having the honour of representing England at the U17's level. Tom brings unparalleled expertise and a winning mentality to our coaching team. Complemented by his qualifications in sports science and coaching, Tom is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of every player he mentors
* UEFA B coach
* Sports science and coaching qualifications
* Ex professional footballer
* England U17 representative
Meet Nathan, our UEFA C licensed coach and co-owner of TC1. With roots tracing back to his days as a schoolboy at Scunthorpe United, Nathan brings a wealth of firsthand experience and passion for the game to our coaching team. Having gained his expertise through rigorous training and earning certification in sports science and coaching, Nathan is committed to nurturing the next generation of soccer stars.
* UEFA C coach
* Sports science and coaching qualifications 
* Ex school boy at Scunthorpe United